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A Bodleian Romance

We have been inspired by a story about how a naive provincial student girl from the North of England fell in love with a sophisticated public school boy from London.


Enid spent much of each day in the Upper Reading Room of the Radcliffe Camera, part of the Bodleian Library and it is here where she first exchanged love notes to James inside books during their History studies.  One day when Enid got back to her desk after lunch, she found an invitation on her desk,  'meet me for tea at the Copper Kettle' - an old fashioned cafe on the high street where students would meet friends for tea and cinnamon toast.  Their friendship grew deeper and closer until Enid had realised she had accidentally fallen in love, she eventually brought her engagement with her Northern boyfriend to an end and married the love of her life, James in 1968 at Keeble College chapel.


With the story, I additionally wanted to create an Autumnal banquet setting for a wedding, using colour schemes of orange, gold and red hues within foliage and British flowers, with a vintage luxurious style.  I have incorporated elements of Enid & James original story in beautiful calligraphy for the centre tier of the cake and within the food and prop elements such as the shining copper kettle and mouth watering cinnamon swirls.  Rag paper love notes, hand written calligraphy, beautifully selected crockery and dreamy textiles were the perfect combination for our Autumnal banquet setting.  The selected gowns by Suzanne Neville and Theia, are both elegant, modern and combine vintage finishes to tie in with our overall concept, but also complimented the navy herringbone tweed suit.

Photography | | Featured in Perfect Wedding Magazine (Issue 143)

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