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Beautiful Venues for Destination Weddings in France

Much of my inspiration for styling weddings is taken from French decor - textured fabrics, antique brass candlesticks, louis chairs, luxurious and elegant buildings. There is something within the amount of detail within architecture, textiles and fashion in France that definitely makes my heart sing. I always find myself drawn to venues that hold these special characteristics and I think this also reflects within many styled shoots that I have created over the past couple of years.

It was so lovely to chat all about this to the Perfect Venue Team, who help couples find the perfect venue for their weddings, or any type of event around the world.

France is one of the most romantic countries to have a destination wedding in. Choosing the right place for your Big Day can be a little difficult, so Perfect Venue wanted to show us the best venue options in France. We hope that you get inspired to look for the venue of your dreams. Lets get the searching started...

Chateau De La Victoire

Have an unforgettable fairytale wedding in an amazing chateau. There are many chateaux in France to pick from for your destination wedding, but we think that Chateau De La Victoire is definitely one of the best. It was built in the XIX century and it’s perfect for weddings because of its capacity for 250 guests. Imagine celebrating your marriage in a place where Queen Victoria used to spend her holidays.

Chateau De La Victoire is an exclusive venue with many facilities for example sauna, heated indoor pool, massage rooms and bar area. You can accommodate some of your guests in its seven rooms and have the reception in the gorgeous “Grand Ballroom”. This venue you can find in Grasse which is near Monte Carlo and Cannes.

Villa La Croisette

Like chateaux there are also many villas in France. Perfect Venue presents to you Villa La Croisette which is a spectacular building from the 20th century. It has been renovated and is decorated with antiques but you can find all the modern comforts like a jacuzzi and billiard room here.

You can have 90 seated guests indoors and there is room for 150 seated guests at the terrace. Villa Croisette is situated in Cannes very near the famous Via La Croisette. In addition of the comforts in the villa, you can enjoy of the Cannes city and its amazing beaches, shops and restaurants.

Castle des Girards

If you would like to celebrate your wedding in the mountains instead of coastal surroundings then we would recommend Castle des Girards for you. You can go alpine skiing and snowshoeing or stay inside next to a beautiful antique fireplace and take a refreshing trip to the spa. This exclusive venue was restored in 2004 and is located in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in France.

Gastle des Girards is fully equipped for weddings and it has a large hall with capacity for 100 guests. This unique place is perfect for couples who love nature and we bet that the guests would also love the beautiful mountain views.

Vineyard Villa in Saint Tropez

The last option we want to tell you about is the Vineyard Villa in Saint Tropez. This is a perfect place for an outdoor wedding. It has amazing gardens, a swimming pool and a beautiful pergola in the courtyard. It is situated next to the vineyards of Ramatuelle and about ten kilometres away from the city.

This Villa has capacity for up to 40 people, so it is excellent for couples who want to have an intimate wedding and invite only their closest ones. There is 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms; accommodation for 14 guests. The location of this place is especially ideal if you would like to explore the French Riviera.

If you would like to look for more venues in France, please do visit their lovely website: Perfect Venue

We hope you enjoyed this little article and that it has given you an insight to some of the most amazing and unique venues in France!

Alexandra Rose & The Perfect Venue

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